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The beach stretches for two - and - a - half miles, with picturesque views of San Francisco buildings in the distance. Many have visited the country, but in my estimation there is nothing to compare to the hidden treasures of Alameda, California's most popular tourist destination. The USS Hornet Museum houses a World War II aircraft carrier and contains the ship's role in the transport of aircraft and the history of its role as an aircraft carrier. The ferry, called Alameda Point, which moored at the former Naval Air Station in Oakland, opened to the public in 2010 and has been visited by many since.

The beach also features a crab bay and a bird sanctuary where visitors can learn about the Bay Area marine life. The Aquarium is committed to educating young and old in a comprehensive and fun way about the importance of preserving marine life, so bring the children with you.

If you're visiting with children, they need to behave, but if you're coming on a Friday or Saturday, you'll have the chance to catch a glimpse of some of the amazing marine life on display at the Alameda County Museum of Natural History.

Tinseltown is not far from Alameda, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch some fun movies while you're here. Visit the Alameda Theater at the Cineplex and watch the latest blockbuster in a comfortable and spacious theater.

If you're just so well behaved, visiting museum after museum, we recommend the Alameda Naval Air Museum, which will impress you with its impressive collection of aircraft and aircraft parts. The best thing about this museum is that it houses the world's first aircraft carrier, one of the oldest aircraft carriers in the US Navy. If you are fascinated by the history of aviation and its role in World War II, visit the USS Hornet Museum. This is especially so if you are a military and aviation fan, and it is something you can do right across the San Francisco Bridge.

The USS Hornet (CV-12) was the last of eight warships in service from 1943 to 1970. Rescued from the scrapyard by a loyal group of veterans and civilian leaders, it finally came to rest at the Naval Air Museum in Alameda, California, just a few miles away. The legacy of the USS Hornet, CVS12, is impressive, with its service in World War II and its role in the Apollo 11 and 12 missions. She also served as a crew member on Apollo 12 and Apollo 13, ending her career with the salvage of the crew. If the city of Alameda has a rich history and culture, where better to preserve this history than in the alameda Museum?

The Alameda Museum, a museum that is easy to miss, is located on Webster Street and houses over 100 pinball machines set up for free play, as well as a variety of other exhibits.

This nonprofit gallery makes it easy for visitors to view artworks created with works by artists such as David Trimingham, Robert Rauschenberg and others. Trimmings worked on a variety of works of art from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, some of which are still on display in the Alameda Museum.

The best option is "Build your own," which allows you to choose two or more local attractions or activities and save between 20 and 55 percent. Get a Go San Francisco Pass, which includes admission to the Alameda Museum, Museum of Natural History and other attractions and activities, and get 20 percent off additional USS Hornet tickets. This pass is a wise choice if you plan to visit for a period of 30 days, as it is one of the most popular passes in the city.

If you are traveling to Alameda with your children, you will be looking for entertainment to keep you on your toes. Visiting the arcade is a great weekend activity, whether you have an hour or a full day off. If you are inclined to spend some time with a fishing rod and try to catch the largest cod and perch you can imagine, we recommend the rock face.

We recommend sub par mini golf, which has a challenging golf course with all kinds of holes. Each hole is a different type of hole with a variety of different colors, shapes and sizes. We recommend playing in the original wooden pinball machines and playing after dark. There is no need to behave yourself, as the arcade has a wide selection of classic arcade games as well as a number of new games.

One of our personal favourites is the exhibition of the 442nd Infantry Regiment, which shows a "broken" combat unit made up almost entirely of those who fought valiantly in World War II. Fans' favourites include a hole made from wine barrels, a painted lady and even a replica of the US Capitol.

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