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As for the antiques in the Bay Area, the Alameda Point Antiques Market is one of the largest flea markets with over 800 stalls selling vintage goods. The big event is often part of gatherings of the country's best flea markets and markets, and while here you may find the Holy Grail. More than 10,000 shoppers from across Northern California come bright and early to get their first dibs.

Co-owner Kai Flache says: "We're not interested in indoor restaurants at the moment, but we like the idea of eating outside."

State guidelines prohibit outdoor dining in non-deviant counties, including Alameda County, but not everyone is willing to abide by them, and the state's orders have forced some counties to close it immediately. There are some established restaurants that have moved their operations from outdoor takeaways - just outdoor dining - but the logistical challenge of eating indoors again feels like opening a new restaurant, says Demitri Kaplanis of Demris Taverna in Livermore. He says it has been easier to keep the restaurant afloat in the past, especially in his home town of Contra Costa, where outdoor dining is still on the table, despite being suspended for six months before it was allowed to reopen on June 29. The restaurant has had the opportunity to reopen as a full-service restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating for the first time in its history, he says.

Of the Bay Area, only Sonoma County is in the most restrictive purple category, which does not allow indoor dining. Alameda County and Contra Costa County, the last part of the Bay Area to maintain such restrictions for so long, are the only two counties where indoor dining remains banned.

Alameda County has generally maintained that outdoor dining is allowed under its health guidelines, but the district announced the tightening of restrictions Friday night. In an effort to reach a reopening plan, county officials wrote that indoor dining permitted under state guidelines "remains risky," according to a letter from the county's health department to restaurant owners. The county's health department, the Alameda-Contra Costa Health Board, said guests will be allowed to eat indoors on Friday and that indoor dining will be officially offered sometime next week. State permits are allowed for outdoor dining and drinks, as well as indoor and outdoor entertainment.

It is a popular area because it is known for its good food and great atmosphere, but if you forget about it early on, you have to wait.

In addition to a private dining room for up to 35 guests, the restaurant offers live music throughout the day and night.

The waterfront is also a hotspot for windsurfers and kiteboarders, and you can get in on the action with lessons and rental in the Boardsports cabin. If you're looking for a special sushi experience, the Utzutzu Park across the street offers a variety of sushi, as well as a full bar and private dining room. This creates great potential, which will bring hundreds of new customers to the restaurant for food and drink. And if you prefer to look out over the water while eating sandwiches, visit the Sushi House South Shore Center, located right on the beach.

The mint leaf in Marina Village may be a bit like a hidden shopping mall, but the food is fantastic and it is right next to the beach.

This small taco bar is located next to a restaurant in Santa Clara and serves delicious dishes. The new Monkey King Brewery is located on the premises, with a food counter opening onto the courtyard and serving nine different chicken wings. A restaurant and entertainment center has opened in the heart of Oakland, offering a variety of food and beverages and live music. Located near the mouth of Oakland, the place is attracted by the beautiful views of the bay and San Francisco Bay from the restaurant's patio.

While some restaurant owners are desperately trying to make up for losses after the pandemic, others who have received feedback from diners and staff say they will wait until everyone feels safe. Other restaurateurs say that if they act responsibly, the resumption of indoor dining is a step in the right direction. For some, getting back into the grocery store is a relief, while for others, like the owner of a Santa Clara restaurant, there is no relief until they get back into business.

Dine al fresco opposite the Alameda Theatre and sip one of 10 house cocktails made with Alhambra spirits - home-made spirits. This upscale bistro is well-suited to the upcoming season with a varied menu featuring dishes from local and international chefs and local wines. Retreat to the restaurant, where owner Amy Voisenat draws inspiration from products from her local farmers market. Visit the outdoor terrace, which overlooks the bay and extends to SF, or relax with a glass of wine or beer in the terrace bar, which overlooks SF.

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