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California - Over a thousand people have died of coronavirus in California in the past five days. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) reports that the death toll in the state has risen to 1,340 in the past two days.

The average water temperature in Alameda reaches 12 degrees Celsius in winter and the minimum temperature of the bees 9.9 degrees Celsius. In summer, the average temperature rises to 15 degrees Celsius in winter and to 15 to 59 degrees Celsius in autumn. The average water temperatures in Alameda in January are 11.1 degrees B (52 degrees F) with a maximum of 13.2 degrees D (55.7degE). The average temperatures in summer rise to 14.4 degrees A (51.3 degrees H) and at least 10.0 degrees S (37.11 degrees) at the end of the year. The maximum is on average 13 - 1 degrees Celsius, whereby in January an average of 11 - 10 degrees Celsius are measured.

Temperatures feel comfortable in the humidity, except for the coldest weeks of winter. There is a slight chance of rain in mid-December and rain in late January and early February, but no rain at all in the rest of January, February and March.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Alameda, the hottest months are September, August and then July. August is the wettest month with an average humidity of 69.3%, slightly above the average for the rest of the year, but not as high as July and August. If you are looking for dry weather, July, August and September are the best months. August: 69 - 3% and September: 4%.

According to tourism statistics, the best time to visit Alameda is the end of June to the beginning of October. According to this figure, the most popular months for visiting Al Oakland are mid-August to late September, with the exception of August, September and October. Weather-wise, the worst months of the year are the end of July to mid-August and early September. Based on these results, the least popular times to visit Alameda are early June to early November and late October to late August or early December.

Get a maximum of 59 F from our monthly weather forecast for Alameda, CA, which includes daily highs and lows as well as historical averages to help you plan ahead. With the water temperatures you can also get a good idea of the average temperature of a day at a certain time of the day, as well as the probability of rain or snow on a certain day or in a certain area. But with the water temperature we can also get an estimate for the average temperature at a certain point on a certain day and the possibility of rainfall or waterfalls on any given day.

Hourly wind conditions have changed in recent days, with the results showing a sharp increase in the number of cases the day before yesterday, when wind gusts were greater than the average wind speed for the same time of day, but not all together amounting to 0.18%.

In valleys above 1000 m altitude, the average wind speed at the same time of day can be 25 km / h or less.

In valleys above 1000 m altitude, the average wind speed at the same time of day can be up to 25 km / h or less.

The strongest wind gusts are expected on Monday between 1 a.m. and 10 a.m., and by Sunday afternoon there will be the strongest of the week with wind speeds of up to 30 km / h or more as high pressure continues over the region. At the moment, it looks like the strong winds will continue into Wednesday, when they will be much weaker. Highs in the upper 50s and low 60s are expected in the region on Tuesday and Wednesday, with highs of 55 to 60 on Thursday. Day highs are likely to cool on Friday and Saturday as high pressure in the Pacific eases and temperatures reach 40-50 degrees.

While the wind will ease during the night of Monday and Tuesday, it will remain windy and locally gusty on Wednesday and Thursday. It is expected to remain dry on Thursday and Friday, although models suggest a high could move south next weekend, bringing rain to the region. With waves increasing today and Saturday, we expect waves of at least 10 cm (3.5 inches) on beaches in the west - northwest - and up to 15 cm on beaches in the east - west and north - south - southwest.

The unusually warm temperatures over the holiday weekend will draw more people to the coast, even if the waves are not as strong as the high waves in the Bay Area last year. This will allow us to have a good look at the impact of these waves on the beaches of Alameda and the rest of the region. This year the water temperature in Alameda has not risen above 20 degrees and is therefore not suitable for comfortable swimming. Temperatures in Oakland have been warm enough all year round - so hot that it doesn't make sense to discuss the growing season in these terms.

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